Daily vs Weekly vs Holiday Menus

HoneyCart's Date Specific Menu feature allows you to control the dates or days of the week a menu, category or specific item is available for ordering:

  • Daily menu: Taco Tuesday's

  • Weekly menu: Truffle Slider special for last week of April

  • Holiday menu: Thanksgiving menu available only on Thanksgiving day

Daily Menu: Taco Tuesday's

Make a menu, category (i.e Taco Tuesday's) or item available only on a certain day(s) of the week.

Live Demo: try the Drop-Off Catering menu example and choose any Tuesday.

Weekly Menu: Truffle Slider appetizer

Make a menu, category or item (i.e Truffle Sliders) available only on the dates you choose (i.e final week of April).

Holiday Menu: Thanksgiving

Make a menu (i.e Thanksgiving), category or item available only for a certain date like Thanksgiving.

Good to know: If you need separate event dates, times & policies for your holiday orders, create a Holiday order type instead.

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