Lead Time

HoneyCart's lead time feature gives you the exact amount of notice you need to prevent:

  • last-minute orders, or

  • late changes to existing orders.

Set the amount of lead time you based on:

  • Number of Business days

  • Number of Hours (i.e 24hrs)

New Orders

Clients will only be able to choose event dates and times that give you enough lead time.

Example: 2 Business Days

When using business days, you can set the cutoff time to beanytime of the day or after aspecific cut-off time i.e 5PM.

Live Demo: try a demo for a two-business day lead time for Corporate/Drop-off.

Example: 3 Hours

Live Demo: try a demo for a 3-hour lead time for Pickup.

Changing an Order

HoneyCart's self-service portal allows clients to login to change or cancel their order.

But If it's after your cut-off time, they won't be able to make changes and will see a message explaining why:

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